Find coordinates of foot of perpendicular from (2,5,7) on x-axis.

Asked by sourabh7jain | 10th Jan, 2017, 06:25: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 16px style Let space straight L space be space the space point space at space the space foot space of space the space perpendicular space from space the space point space straight P left parenthesis 2 comma space 5 comma space 7 right parenthesis space say.
Since space straight L space lies space on space the space straight x minus axis comma space its space straight y space and space straight z space coordinate space are space zero.
So comma space the space coordinates space of space straight L space is space left parenthesis 2 comma space 0 comma space 0 right parenthesis. end style

Answered by Rebecca Fernandes | 11th Jan, 2017, 09:33: AM

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