Fe+h20(steam)->feo+h2 correct.  BT ans is fe4o3 how it is possible sir

Asked by Jothi Arthi | 29th Jul, 2017, 08:10: PM

Expert Answer:

Fe reacts with steam to produce a combination of FeO [Iron(II)oxide] and Fe2O3 [Iron(III)oxide].
The combination is written as Fe3O4 or FeO . Fe2O3.
Fe3O4 contains both the ions viz Fe2+ and Fe3+.
Hence, the reaction is given as:
3 Fe + 4 H2O(steam) → Fe3O4 + 4H2(g)
Hope, it clears your doubt !

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 29th Jul, 2017, 10:19: PM