factors that affect crop production

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Abiotic factors affecting crop production:

i) Water - Crops need the right amount of water through rains or irrigation. Some crops like rice need large amounts of watr whereas crops like wheat need limited amount of water.

ii) Soil - Different types of soil like clayey, sandy, loamy etc. favor growth of different types of crops. In addition soil pH and salinity are also essential. Soil nutrition can be improved by using manures and fertilizers.

iii) Climate - The climatic conditions like cold, hot, humid etc. influence growth of various types of crops.

Biotic factors include the insects, weeds, pests, fungi, birds, animals, pathogens etc. which can harm the crop production. Useful bacteria like nitrogen fixing bacteria enhances crop production. Worms like earthworm help in agricultural practices through their burrowing action. Mycorrhiza helps in water and nutrient uptake by plants. Other plants can be used as manures for improving crop production.


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