Factorise using Factor Theorm

Asked by ArunimaJ95 | 14th Dec, 2009, 09:51: AM

Expert Answer:

take factors of the number term i.e. the term without the variable

the factors are


assuming the given polynomial as p(x) and each of these numbers as a turn by turn, find p(a).

aways start with the smalest number.

 so p(-1), p(1) etc

 the number a at which you get p(a)=0

tells you that x-a is a factor.

 divide by the factor , then you will get a poly of one degree ower, in this case, tou will get a cubic poly. apply the same method, you will gat another factor and a quadratic poly. factorise the quad poly by the usual method.

 this gives you all thefactors.



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