Explain why a drop of liquid is always spherical.Obtain an expression for pressure difference beween inside and outside a sperical liquid drop.


Asked by seeni2005 | 19th Nov, 2021, 08:14: AM

Expert Answer:

As we know because of the surface tension phenomenon, water droplets have the shape of a sphere. Therefore, the molecules lying near the surface draw closer to the adjacent molecules, thus the surrounding molecules pull the molecules downward, thus the droplets tend to take on a spherical shape.

Whereas the pressure inside a liquid drop is given as  p subscript i equals fraction numerator 2 T over denominator R end fraction minus p subscript 0.


p0 is atmospheric pressure, T is surface tension and R is radius of droplet.

Answered by Jayesh Sah | 19th Nov, 2021, 11:49: AM

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