Explain Verhlust - Pearl logistic growth of a population with suitable graphical representation.
Why do cattle avoid browsing on calotropis plants? explain.

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Expert Answer:

A population growing in a habitat with limited resources show initially a lag phase, followed by phases of acceleration and deceleration, finally an asymptote when the population density reaches the carrying capacity.

(a) Unlimited resources result in exponential growth which dep[ends on the carrying capacity of the species. The carrying capacity of a given habitat is the total number of organisms in a given species for which there are sufficient resources, so that they survive and reproduce.

(b) It is shown by the following equation-

                                     dN/dt= rN [ (K-N)/ K]        

                 where, N= population density at time‘t’

                             r= intrinsic rate of natural increase

                             K= carrying capacity

  • This growth curve is shown by culture of yeast cells and human population.
Calotropis plants contain a poisonous substance called as cardiac glycosides which make the cattle sick and destroys the reproductive health and sometimes leading to death

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