Explain transpirational pull?What are mesophyll cells and menisci?

Asked by Ponrajan Himashree | 10th Jul, 2013, 08:12: PM

Expert Answer:

Transpirational pull is the main phenomenon driving the flow of water in the xylem tissues of large plants.
Water is lost from the stomata of the plant. Stomata are pores found in the epidermis of the underside of leaves. They are located on the lower surface of leaves to reduce water loss due to minimized solar radiation. The moist air in these spaces has a higher water potential than the outside air, and water tends to evaporate from the leaf surface. The stomata act as pumps which pull water and nutrients from the roots through the rest of the plant to the leaves in a phenomenon of transpirational pull.
Mesophyll cells are specialized for photosynthesis. These cells in the middle of the leaf contain many chloroplasts, the organelles that perform photosynthesis. 
A meniscus is a piece of cartilage found where two bones meet. Menisci protect and cushion the joint surface and bone ends.

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