explain the working of gear system in short

Asked by pri | 3rd Apr, 2012, 05:52: PM

Expert Answer:

basically,a gear system consists of 2 or more gears.in a 2 gear system we have 2 gears one calle d driving gear and another called driven gear. in a 2 gear system we encounter 3 types of situations 1)when both are of same size:then both the gears move with same speed 2)when driving gear is bigger than driven gear:then driven gear moves faster than driving gear. eg:driving gear has 10 teeth and driven has 20 teeth/so by the time driving gear completes one rotation driven gear completes 2 rotations.and hence then the speed of driven is twice the driving 3)vice versa of 2nd usually 2 gears move in opposite direction but they can be made to move in the same direction using a belt called eitler. eg: the chain we use in bicycle

Answered by  | 4th Apr, 2012, 11:43: AM

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