explain the working of direct current electric motor?

Asked by siddharthasharma2000 | 16th Jul, 2014, 05:59: PM

Expert Answer:

  • An electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy and it works on the principle of force experienced by a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field.
  • An electric motor consists of a rectangular coil of insulated copper wire. The coil is placed between the two poles of a magnet.

  • Current in the coil enters from the source battery through conducting brush X and flows back to the battery through brush Y. Current in arms AB and CD is in opposite directions.
  • On applying Fleming’s left hand rule, we find that the force acting on arm AB pushes it downwards while the force acting on arm CD pushes it upwards. Thus, the coil and the axle O, rotate anti-clockwise.
  • At half rotation, the current in the coil gets reversed with the help of a commutator. This reverses the direction of force acting on the two arms AB and CD. But, these arms have reversed positions after half rotation.
  • Thus, the coil and the axle rotate in the same direction, that is, anti-clockwise.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 17th Jul, 2014, 10:40: AM