Explain the various methods of crop improvement . Name one improved variety of Rice , Maize , Soyabean , Sunflower and Mustard.

Asked by jeffladebo | 12th May, 2015, 04:57: PM

Expert Answer:

Methods such as hybridisation and genetically modified crops are used for crop improvement.
Hybridisation- It is the technique of crossing between two genetically dissimilar plants to produce a plant of a new variety. The variety produced by using this technique is called a hybrid. There are rwo types of hybridisation- Inter-varietal cross-breeding and Inter-specific cross-breeding
Genetically modified crops- 
  • A gene responsible for desirable characters is transferred from one crop variety to another crop variety. The crop into which the gene is introduced to obtain the desired result is called genetically modified crop (GMO) or transgenic plants.
  • Example: BT cotton is a genetically modified crop.

Rice- Basmati

Maize- HIM128

Soyabean-Pusa 16


Mustard- Pusa Kalyani

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 13th May, 2015, 08:05: AM

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