Explain the term Rancidity.Also explain the reason- 1.Stale food gives a bad smell and bad taste. 2.The chips packet is filled with air.

Asked by Aditya Chakravarty | 25th May, 2013, 04:23: PM

Expert Answer:

Rancidity is produced by aerial oxidation of fats and oils which is marked by unpleasant smell.
If oilly foods gets oxidised when exposed to outside for a long time it gives a bad smell and a foul taste this is known as rancidity.
1. Because of oxidation of fats and oils containing in that food in air. This process is called rancidity.
2. Chips packets are filled with nitrogen, which prevent the oxidation of oils present in chips. So, chips remain fresh. Also due to this air in the pack, prevents the chips from breakage during trasportation.

Answered by  | 26th May, 2013, 04:27: PM

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