Explain the relative velocity and direction of swimmer with respect to water?  How to solve such type of numericals based on relative velocity in 2-d ?

Asked by Sugandha | 25th Jan, 2017, 07:37: PM

Expert Answer:

Please follow (or copy paste the url of) the given links which includes the elaborate explanation and the suitable example for your query.
Link 1 : http://www.topperlearning.com/forums/ask-experts-19/what-is-the-reason-behing-taking-downstream-as-x-y-and-upstr-mathematics-pair-of-linear-equations-in-2-variables-equations-reducible-to-linear-form-96350/reply
Link 2 (Solved Example) : http://www.topperlearning.com/forums/ask-experts-19/two-swimmers-stats-the-race-one-who-reaches-the-point-c-firs-physics-nuclei-68178/reply
Link 3 (Solved Example) : http://www.topperlearning.com/forums/ask-experts-19/a-motar-boat-can-cover-30-km-upstream-and-28-km-downstream-i-mathematics-pair-of-linear-equations-in-2-variables-substitution-method-82786/reply

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 27th Jan, 2017, 11:28: AM

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