Explain the major factors which contributing to making our costitution?

Asked by sarubhatia6 | 22nd Jul, 2014, 10:06: PM

Expert Answer:

The Indian constitution was framed by the Indian constituent Assembly.  The making of the Indian constitution was not easy. India had a huge diverse population. The people were emerging as the citizens of the free country. There were also relilgious diversity among the people of the country. During partition, many people were killed in the religious roits. Partition was a traumatic experience for the people of both India and pakistan.

One of the major factors for framing the Indian constitution was to provide guidelines to the elected members on the governance. The framers of the Indian constitution while framing the constitution had to frame constitution which could give representation to each section of the society. 

Further, the British had drafted the instrument of accession for the princely states in India. This severely threatened the unity of the country. The framers of the constitution thus had to ensure the unity of the country. They also had the reponsibility of transforming the Indian society and politics. Many leaders had different opinions about the political model that had to be adopted in the country.

Many social groups in the country were discriminated against. The leaders of the country decided to provide the principles of equality, liberty and justice to all the people of the country irrespective of their caste, class and religion.

Thus major factors which contributed to the framing of our constitution were to provide constitutional guideline to the elected representatives, to provide equal repreentation to all and provide liberty, justice and security to the people.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 23rd Jul, 2014, 06:18: PM

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