explain the difference

Asked by shah.aditi78 | 17th Feb, 2009, 06:36: PM

Expert Answer:

Metals -
1. They are malleable (they can be beaten in to sheets)
2. They are ductile (they can be converted in two thin wires)
3. They possess a metallic lustre (metallic shine/glaze)
4. They are usually harder than non metals(except Na)
5. They are Electropositive in nature (they donate electrons)
6. Their oxides are usually basic (except Pb, K, etc, which are amphoteric)
7. They posses very low resistivity.
8. They are good conductors of heat and electricity.

Non metals -
1.They are brittle.
2. They are not ductile.
3. They don't have too much of  lustre. (except diamond and iodine)
5. They r electro(-)ve in nature.
7. They have high resistivity.
8. They are good insulators of electricity n heat (except grahite)
9. Many of them are inert. ( He, Xe, Ne, Kr, Ar, etc)

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