Explain the causes , consequences of battle of Plassy?

Asked by harshakabra12 | 30th Sep, 2015, 08:45: AM

Expert Answer:

The East India Company was worried about the intentions of the new nawab of Bengal Sirajuddaulah. They wanted a puppt ruler who would grant them trade concessions and other privileges. This this end, the Company tried to prop up a rival of Sirajuddaulah, but unsuccessfuly. This prompted the nawab to warn the British not to interfere in Bengal's affairs, stop fortifications and pay revenues. When negotiations in this regard failed, Sirajuddaulah marched with his army to Kassimbazar and imposed his writ. He also took over the fort at Calcutta. Hearing this news, the Madras officials of the Company sent troops under Robert Clive's command, reinforced by naval fleets. When Sirajuddaulah refused to budge in the subsequent negotiations, the Battle of Plassey happended. After the defeat in the battle, Sirajuddaulah was executed and Mir Jafar was instated as the Nawab of Bengal. When even Mir Jafar refused to toe the Company line, he too was deposed and Mir Qasim was instated in his place. To encapsulate, the Battle of Plassey marked a tectonic shift in the British policy in India wherein from traders, they began the process of becoming the political rulers of this country.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 30th Sep, 2015, 03:47: PM