explain Terminal potential potential dufference and its relaition with  e.m.f and internal resistance during discharging and charging

Asked by modi72879 | 31st May, 2017, 09:23: PM

Expert Answer:

The relationship between the terminal voltage and the EMF is given by the following equation:
begin mathsize 12px style straight E space equals space straight V space minus space Ir end style
In the above equation, V is the terminal voltage, 'I' is the current flowing through the cell, 'r' is the internal resistance, E is the electromotive force.
The electromotive force (emf) is the potential difference of a source when no current is flowing i.e the rated value of voltage which is written on its body.
Terminal voltage is the voltage output of a device is measured across its terminals i.e the actual voltage supplied by the battery after over coming its internal resistance.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 1st Jun, 2017, 04:08: PM