explain snell' law.

Asked by rajatsinghbsr19 | 26th May, 2021, 08:11: PM

Expert Answer:

Snell's Law: The ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence to the sine of the angle of refraction is a constant for a given pair of media and for a given wavelength of light. 

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The constant is called the refractive index of the second medium with respect to the first medium.

The cause of refraction is the change in the speed of light as it goes from one medium to another medium.

Conditions for no refraction:

1. If the light is incident perpendicularly to the surface of the two media.

2. If the refractive index of the both the mediums is same. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 26th May, 2021, 08:53: PM