Explain in detail the difference between mass and weight with examples.

Asked by bhavaniguraja | 22nd May, 2015, 06:57: PM

Expert Answer:

Mass Weight
It is the quantity of matter present in a body. It is the force with which a body is attracted towards the Earth. 
Mass of an object can never be zero. Weight of an object can be zero if g=0.
Mass is a scalar quantity. Weight is a vector quantity.
It is constant and independent of the place and position of the body.
It varies with place and depends on gravity at that place.
The SI unit of mass is kilogram (kg).
The SI unit of weight is newton (N) and the other unit is kilogram force (kgf), where kgf begin mathsize 14px style almost equal to end style10 N.
It is measured by a beam balance or a physical balance. It is measured by a spring balance.

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 23rd May, 2015, 02:50: PM

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