Explain how the fullerenes can be made good conductor of electricity 

Asked by navjotsinghdadwal | 1st Dec, 2019, 09:57: PM

Expert Answer:

Fullerene: It is an allotrope of carbon-containing clusters of 60 carbon atoms joined to form a spherical molecule. The C60 molecule has a shape like a soccer ball and is called Buckminsterfullerene. It contains 20 six-membered rings and 12 five-membered rings. All the carbon atoms are equal, and they undergo sp2 hybridisation. Each carbon atom forms three sigma bonds with three other carbon atoms. The remaining electron at each carbon is delocalised in molecular orbitals, which in turn give an aromatic character to the molecule. The pure form of fullerene acts as an insulator but can be converted into semiconductor or superconductor by doping under suitable conditions.

Answered by Ramandeep | 2nd Dec, 2019, 11:16: AM