Explain how a pendulam oscillating about it's mean position follows the principle of conservation of energy.

Asked by  | 31st Jan, 2012, 08:03: PM

Expert Answer:

as we take the bob at some higher position (A) its potential energy is increased. then as we release it , its velocity is 0 . so the KE is 0. there.
so at A PE of the bob is max and KE is 0.
as we release the bob ,it moves down and the PE  decreases and KE  increases.at C its KE is max and PE is min because its height is least. as the KE is max at C so the velocity , so the bob rises up and its KE converts gradually to PE. and become max at B and KE will be 0. there. so at any point , total of PE+KE will remain same.

Answered by  | 1st Feb, 2012, 10:21: AM

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