Explain Helen keller's views  on the Bible briefly  in easy words, please
(i know there are 2 paragraphs about it in chapter 21. please don't give that as it is. please explain in detail in easy words)

Asked by Divyaa | 28th Mar, 2017, 03:10: PM

Expert Answer:

When Helen Keller began to read the Bible, she was not sure whether she would be able to understand it. On a rainy Sunday morning, she had asked her cousin to read a story from the Bible. It was the story of Joseph and his brothers. Helen Keller somehow connected to it. The language was a little difficult to understand and repeated so Helen Keller felt asleep before her cousin read about Jacob’s brother and their wicked lies.  Helen Keller wonders as to why the stories of the Greeks appeal to her when her she has less interest in it. She assumes that she may be associated with the Greeks in Boston and might be inspired by their stories of their enthusiasms. And regarding the Egyptian, she assumes the stories are made up and hence finds them strange. At the end, she admits that she loves the Bible like no other book. And it has helped her increase her sense of joy and inspiration. She feels, though she had read it many times, there is more to learn and explore.  

Answered by Snehal Naik | 29th Mar, 2017, 09:40: AM

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