Explain briefly the importance of Asoka's edicts,giving example from one-off his edicts.

Asked by Pradeep | 22nd Jul, 2017, 04:28: PM

Expert Answer:

Importance of Asoka's edicts are:
  • They are a main source of information about the reign of Ashoka.
  • These edicts and inscriptions contained instructions on religious matters especially Buddhism
  • Rules for conduct of Bhikshuks are also found on some rock inscriptions. Thus his edicts are also an inportant source of Buddhism
  • Ashoka's edicts also tell us about Ashoka's policy of Dhamma.
An edict of Ashoka has been found in Afghanistan and have been written in Greek language because large number of people of Greek origin lived there.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 23rd Jul, 2017, 11:39: AM

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