Explain any three aspects of the impact of Fascism on conditions in Germany.

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Following are three important aspects of the impact of Fascism on conditions in Germany:

Establishment of a Totalitarian State - Hitler despised parliamentary form of government and eliminated all political opposition. He altered the federal character of the German State to a unitary system and became the Governor of Prussia. All provincial legislatures were dissolved in 1934 and the sovereign power of the government was established. Political parties were abolished, a ban was imposed on the Press, public speeches and articles. Those opposing Hitler within the Nazi party were also killed without trial along with the members of the civilian society. This was done with the help of the Gestapo, Hitler’s secret police.

Economic Reforms - Hitler introduced the first Five-Year Plan to have greater production. He set up factories, encouraged industrial and agricultural development and controlled food production, pricing and distribution through a Food Corporation. He introduced price controls and incentives for workers, but also banned strikes for the sake of the capitalists. Imports, exports were controlled to maintain a favourable trade balance, production of heavy armaments, aeroplanes, naval ships was increased and State funded infrastructure projects were undertaken. Hitler also dissolved trade unions and workers were put under a single union with a dedicated Nazi ideologue as its leader.

Militarism and Compulsory Military Training - Special efforts were made to increase the military might of Germany. Military training was made compulsory which again created more employment. Hitler began to rearm Germany in violation of the Treaty of Versailles and began to propagate war as the only instrument of regaining Germany’s lost glory.

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