expert what is diff between budding in yeast and hydra pl wish me best of luck for board exams!!!

Asked by B P | 20th Mar, 2017, 12:56: PM

Expert Answer:

Budding in Hydra:

In case of budding in Hydra, a small bud is developed from the body of parent hydra through repeated mitotic division of its cells. The small bud then derives nourishment from the parent hydra and begins to grow. The mature bud starts developing small tentacles and mouth. When the bud completely matures into a new hydra, it detaches itself from the parent hydra and becomes an independent organism.

Budding in yeast:

In case of budding in yeast, a small bud appears as an outgrowth from the parent body. After this, the nucleus of the parent yeast elongates and gets divided into two parts. One of these nuclei migrates into the bud. The newly created bud divides and grows into a new yeast cell. 

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 20th Mar, 2017, 04:05: PM