expert,pls explain me why voltage differs in series connection but not in parallel connection? and why does current change in parallel connection but not in series connection?pls giv me reasons

Asked by my3shyll | 18th Jul, 2016, 09:50: PM

Expert Answer:



  • In a 'series' connection the components are connected end-to-end in a line to form a single path for electrons to flow
  • Therefore the current does not change in a series combination of resistors.
  • However as the resistance of the resistors connected in series combination often have different values, the voltage or the potential difference acting on each of those resistors also varies.




  • In a 'parallel' connection, all the components are connected across each other's leads.
  • In simpler words, the corresponding ends of the resistors are connected together along the same end.
  • This creates many paths for electrons to flow, and this is why the current in parallel varies in each path.
  • But, the parallel combination of resistors has only one voltage across all components, thus maintaining same voltage across the circuit.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 5th Dec, 2017, 02:04: PM