EXPERIMENTAL PROJECT:Dependence of resistance on shape of a conductor. EXPERIMENTAL ARRANGEMENT: For this investigation, a special 'resistivity putty' is available. As this putty is rather messy, it should be handled with polythene gloves or rolled between sheets of paper.(ii)resistivity putty can be rolled or patted into various shapes to investigate how the resistance of a conductor depends on length and cross sectional area. OBSERVATIONS: (i) Roll about 50 gm of the putty into a long, fairly uniform tube about 24 cm length.(ii) measure its resistance.(iii) cut the tube into various shorter lengths, say 12, 8, 4cm.(iv) Measure the resistance of each length of putty and record your results. This project work is given in the book for class 10 physics published by Pradeep Publication. This is in response to your query about resistance putty.

Asked by Manoj | 16th May, 2013, 09:35: PM

Expert Answer:

So, resistance putty seems to be referred to any normal putty basically. This experiment basically deals with measuring resistance of different shapes of conductor and so you need some malleable material which conducts electricity. I think that you can probably use M-seal putty instead also here which is easliy available in hardware shops. Also, you can possible think of using a metal wire and making different shapes out of it to measure how the resistance changes. 

Answered by  | 17th May, 2013, 06:29: AM

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