exercise 8a numerical 8

Asked by nilesh.dhote74 | 10th May, 2020, 10:04: PM

Expert Answer:

In an experiment of verification of Ohm's law, following observations are obtained.

Draw a characteristic V-I graph and use this graph to find :

(a) potential difference V when the current I is 0.5 A.

(b) current I when the potential difference V is 0.75 V.

(c) resistance in circuit

 Solution for the question posted in the image is as follows: - 
From graph,
When I = 0.5 A
V = 1.25 V

(b) When V =0.75 V 

I =0.3 A

(c) The graph is linear so resistance can be found from any value of the given table. For instance :

When V=2.5 Volt

Current is I=1.0 amp

According to ohm's law :


R=2.5/1.0 = 2.5 ohm

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 10th May, 2020, 10:54: PM