EXCERSICE 15.3 second question(NCERT)

Asked by emraldboy | 26th Jan, 2010, 01:27: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student

First find teh standerd deviation of 2 given datas

σ=(sum x2 /N) 

For  X data    σ = (350x /10)  =5.916

Average X= sumX/N= 51

dor  ydata      σ = (40x /10)  =2

Average X= sumX/N=105

Chack the coefficiant of variation for both data

CV= σ100/Average 

X  Cv  =  5.916X 100/51  =11.16

Y CV= 2X100/105= 1.905

So Y is more stable




Answered by  | 26th Jan, 2010, 07:27: PM

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