Exatly what is the meaning of integration and limit ?

Asked by deepak.embedded | 8th Aug, 2010, 08:15: PM

Expert Answer:

When we consider speed of a vehicle we talk of distance travelled divided by time. And if we are so impatient that we need to know the distance travelled immediately in say 1 sec, further say 0.001 sec. Further reduing the values of time towards zero, IS SUCCINCTLY SAID BY LIMIT TIME TENDS TO ZERO. We know if we put t = 0, we get infinite speed, but we don't put it zero, we say it tends to go towards zero, may be 0.00000000000000000001 sec.
Just cut out of a rectangular paper an arbitrary, strage piece, and we ask, how to find it's area, integration is the calculational procedure that yields such irregular areas. Integration means we divide the area into smaller and smaller rectangles or squares as we wish find the individual area and sum them all. While it'll be too lengthy to explain how we actually do it.
Hence limits, integration and entire field of calculus is invented in an attempt to solve practially question like two of which raised above.

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