examples of hetrogenous catalyst


Asked by vermahitesh124 | 12th May, 2020, 07:58: AM

Expert Answer:

Example of heterogenous catalysis-
(1) When Ni is used in dehyhdrogenation of ethanol.
C H subscript 3 C H subscript 2 O H stack rightwards arrow with N i on top C H subscript 3 C H O space plus space H subscript 2 with blank on top
(2) V2O5 is used in process of formation of Sulfuric acid.
2 S O subscript 2 space plus space O subscript 2 space space space rightwards arrow with V subscript 2 O subscript 5 on top space S O subscript 3
(3) Finely divided Iron catalyst is used in formation of Ammonia.
N subscript 2 space plus space 3 H subscript 2 space stack rightwards arrow with F e left parenthesis s right parenthesis on top 2 N H subscript 3 with blank on top

Answered by Ravi | 12th May, 2020, 09:46: AM