Example of heterogeneous catalysis 

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Heterogeneous Catalysis:

If the catalyst is present in the different phase than that of the reactants, it is called a heterogeneous catalyst and

this type of catalysis is called heterogeneous catalysis.

  • The catalyst in heterogeneous catalysis, catalyst is in solid and the reactants are gases or liquids.
  • Also, the reaction takes place at the surface of the solid catalyst hence it is called as surface catalysis.
  • According to old adsorption theory, it was assumed that the reactants in the gaseous state or from the solutions are adsorbed on the surface of the catalyst.
  • Because of this, the concentration of the reactant molecules on the surface increases and the rate of reaction also increases.
  • Adsorption is exothermic hence the heat evolved during the reaction is utilized to speed up the reaction.

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