EVEN NO.S BELONGS TO A SET OF _________________________. YOU HAD ANSWERED THIS.An even number is an integer which is a multiple of two. If it is divided by two the result is another integer. Zero is an even number because zero multiplied by two is zero Set of even numbers belong to Whole numbers.

Asked by ANIRUDH VENKAT | 30th Jan, 2012, 10:39: AM

Expert Answer:

An even number is an integer of the form , where is an integer. The even numbers are therefore ..., , , 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, ... . Since the even numbers are integrally divisible by two, the congruence holds for even . An even number for which also holds is called a singly even number, while an even number for which is called a doubly even number. An integer which is not even is called an odd number. The oddness of a number is called its parity, so an odd number has parity 1, while an even number has parity 0.

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