• evalute square root of blank end root5plus2square root of blank end root6 first sq root for allthe nos,                                                   here i splited 5 in to 2 and 3 since 3cross times2=6 and expression became square root of blank end root3+2+2square root of blank end root3cross times2 again first sq root s for all the nos.,then this expression becomes whole sq root ofsquare root of blank end root3+square root of blank end root2 using (a+b)whole square but since a+b s possitive addn s commutative it s possible when it s (a-b) whole sq i.d how we ll decide which no. has to be taken first

Asked by vijayalqakshmi muralidhar | 22nd Jul, 2014, 01:14: PM

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Answered by Prasenjit Paul | 22nd Jul, 2014, 05:37: PM