Essay on chilling in the scorching heat.

Asked by rashikalra853 | 27th Jun, 2017, 11:36: AM

Expert Answer:

This question is a part of the Creative Writing section. You can work on the following points:
Moment you feel relieved about the end of the exams - scorching heat hits you hard - reminds you that the summers are in full swing an they are not going to be easy on you
Don't sit and get sweaty - embrace it
Guard yourself - consume right amount of liquids - proper diet - eat fresh - sun protection - wear light breezy clothes - keep your body cool
chill out - plethora summer activities around the town - survive the summer - get pampered by them - enjoy the summer
Don't let the summer keep you indoors !


Answered by Athira | 28th Jun, 2017, 10:25: AM