Enamel is the hardest part of our body but why does it get destroyed by the reaction of sweets?

Asked by palaashbhargava | 22nd Dec, 2008, 03:59: PM

Expert Answer:

Tooth enamel is the hardest but most highly mineralized substance of the body. The high mineral content of enamel, which makes this tissue the hardest in the human body, also makes it susceptible to a demineralization process.  Enamel's primary mineral is hydroxylapatite, which is a crystalline calcium phosphate.
 Sugars from our food, coats the surface of the mouth. Some intraoral bacteria interact with these sugars and form lactic acid, which decreases the pH in the mouth. Then, the hydroxylapatite crystals of enamel demineralize due to the action of acid, allowing for greater bacterial invasion deeper into the tooth.

Answered by  | 31st Dec, 2008, 12:04: PM

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