Enact an interview/conversation with a beggar .Ask him about his family, past and present life.Treat him with respect, not with pity.Is there a way in which we can change his life positively?  What we realised about one of the less fortunate human beings in this world. 

Asked by tinu1972 | 28th Jul, 2015, 12:40: PM

Expert Answer:

Me: What is your name sir?

Beggar: My name is Dinesh Kumar. I cannot recollect the last time somebody called me by that name.

Me: Why is that?

Beggar: People address me by different curse words. Most of them just send me away with abuses.

Me: Tell us something about your past.

Beggar: Many years ago, I used to be a successful businessman. I used to deal in scrap metals. The business was booming and I was surrounded by friends. I got married to a woman I loved and she bore me two children. I was a very good father fulfilling every desire my children had.

Me: What changed today?

Beggar: When my children got married, things started changing. I had a daughter and a son. Both vied for my business and property which I bequeathed to them. Once my son had control of my business, he ousted me. My daughter to whom I gave my palatial house to threw me and my wife out.

Me: Where did you go from there?

Beggar: My friends deserted me since I had no money. So I begged for a living making enough to buy us two meals a day. My wife eventually succumbed to illnesses leaving me all alone in this world. At this age, I cannot beg. Sometimes I wait for death to catch up with me.


Through this interview, I realised that life can be unpredictable. One should be wise enough to recognise who one’s true friends are. Old age homes should rehabilitate such individuals who are rejected by their own families. Only then can we ensure the safety and well-being of senior citizens who live in our city.

Answered by Sandhya Raghavan | 28th Jul, 2015, 08:32: PM

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