electronic configuration

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Electronic configration is the arrangement of electrons in shells according to their energy.
Energy of the orbitals are given below:
1s< 2s< 2p< 3s< 3p< 4s< 3d< 4p<5s< 4d< 5p< 6s< 4f< 5d< 6p> 7s
Aufbau principle.
in the ground state of an atom the electrons occupy the lowest energy orbital available to them.
Filling of orbitals occur according to the (n+l) rule or Bohr Bury's rule
1. orbitals are filled in increasing value of n+l.
2. For orbitals having same value of (n+l) the orbitals having lower value of n is filled up first. ex. 2p(n+l=2+1) and 3s(n+l=3+0) so both have same (n+l) value in this case orbital having lower value of n i.e. 2pwill be filled first.
Pauli exclusion principle.
No two electrons in an atom can have identical set of four quantum numbers.
Hund's rule
1. in p,d and f orbitals no pairing of electrons occur untill each orbital of the given sub shell contains one electron.
2. unpaired electrons in various orbitals of same subshell should have parallel spins.

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