Electric field around a electron explain us the direction of the force that any charged object will experience (-ve than opposition and +ve then attraction) But what the magnetic field around a magnet explain and what is meant by magnetic field lines ?(plz ans in detail)

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Expert Answer:

Like charges repel each other and unlike charges attract each other.

An electron is negatively charged.

So, when a negatively charged particle is brought in its vicinity it experiences a force of repulsion due to the electric field of the electron.

Similarly, when a positively charged particle is brought closer to it, it experiences a force of attraction.


Magnetic field around a magnet is the space around a magnet in which the needle of a compass rests in a definite direction other than the geographic north-south direction.

Magnetic field lines are a way to visualize the magnetic field. When drawn, the distance between them is an indication of the strength of the field. The closer they are, the stronger is the field. Also, the direction of the tangent to the field line is the direction of the magnetic field at that point and is the direction a compass would point.




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