elactric charge

Asked by venkat | 23rd Jul, 2013, 09:48: PM

Expert Answer:

Force between 2 point charges = kq1q2/r^2
Since, the distance is fixed. So, the maximum and minimum force will depend on q1 and q2. 
Now, lets assume that x fundamental charges are kept together to form 1 point charge. Then (N-x) will form the second point charge. 
Hence, q1*q2 = x(N-x)
This will have minimum at x = 2 or N-2 and maximum at x  = N/2. 
Hence, Fmax/Fmin = (N/2 *N/2 )/ (2*(N-2) = N^2/8(N-2)

Answered by  | 26th Jul, 2013, 05:34: AM

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