drop of water from the roof of a house 6m high fall at regular intervals.the first drop reaches the groun at an instant of time when third drop leaves the roof. find the height of second drop at that instant?

Asked by Sindhura K Reddy | 16th Aug, 2010, 09:04: PM

Expert Answer:

The interval between first and thrid drop is, is the time taken by the first drop to fall through 6m,
t = √(2H/g) = √(2x6/9.8) = 1.11 sec.
Hence the interval is, 1.11/2 = 0.56 sec.
Hence second drop will for 0.56 sec, it's height,
= (1/2)x9.8x0.562 = 1.51 m from roof or 6 - 1.51 = 4.49 m from ground.

Answered by  | 16th Aug, 2010, 09:19: PM

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