Draw the character sketch of Mr. Gilman.
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What role did Mr. Gilman play in Helen Keller's life ?

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Expert Answer:

Mr. Arthur Gilman was the principal of Cambridge School for the young ladies. He was not only an efficient teacher but also someone who aroused Helen's interest in history and literature. Mr Gilman would read out the papers to Helen during her examinations using manual alphabet and then read out what she had written so that she could correct her answers. He was extremely affectionate towards Helen. However, she was confronted with unexpected difficulties that year which caused her a great deal of frustration. She had to study mathematics without the needed tools. The classes were larger and it was not possible for the Cambridge teachers to give her special instructions. When the embossed books and the other apparatus arrived, Helen’s difficulties began to disappear and she began to study with confidence. However, Mr. Gilman thought that Helen was overworked and was breaking down. He insisted that she  remain at his school three years longer. He made changes in her studies. A difference of opinion between Mr. Gilman and Miss Sullivan resulted in Helen’s mother withdrawing Helen and Mildred from the Cambridge school. 

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