Draw an angle of 80o using protractor. Make another angle equal to it using ruler and compasses.

Asked by Topperlearning User | 12th Jan, 2016, 09:59: AM

Expert Answer:

Step of Construction:

  1. Draw an angle XAY of measure 80o using a protractor.
  2. Draw a line l and choose a point P on it.
  3. Place the compasses at A and draw an arc to cut the rays of ∠A at B and C.
  4. Use the same compasses setting to draw an arc with P as centre, cutting l in Q.
  5. Set your compasses to the length BC.
  6. With the same radius, place the compass pointer at Q and draw the arc to cut the arc drawn earlier in R.
  7. Join PR. This gives us ∠P. It has same measure as ∠A.

This means ∠QPR has same measure as ∠BAC.

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