Draw a pair of vertically opposite angles. Bisect each of the two angles .Verify that the bisecting rays are in the same line.

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Expert Answer:

Steps of construction:

i. Draw two lines AB and CD intersecting at point O.

ii. Angle AOC and angle BOD are vertically opposite angles.

iii. With O centre and a convenient radius draw an arc cutting OA and OC at P and Q respectively.

iv. With P as centre and radius more than half of PQ of AB, draw an arc.

v. With Q as centre and the same radius as in step 3 draw another arc intersecting the previous arc at M.

vi. Join OM and produce it to form ray OX.

vii. Then OX bisects angle AOC.

viii. Similarly draw the bisector OY of angle BOD.

To prove XOY is a straight line.

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