Draw a labelled diagram of the chloroplast and explain its structure.


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Expert Answer:

Chloroplasts are oval, spherical, disc-shaped or ribbon-shaped.






They are 5-10 mm in length and 2-4 mm in width.



It is a double-membraned organelle.



The space enclosed by the inner membrane is filled with a semi-solid substance called stroma.



Flattened, membranous sacks called thylakoids are present in the stroma.



The stroma contains several enzymes required for protein and carbohydrate synthesis, DNA, ribosomes and RNA.



The thylakoids are arranged like stacks of coins. These stacks are called grana.



Flat membranous tubules called stroma lamellae connect the thylakoids.



The thylakoids contain space within them called a lumen.


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