Draw a kite EFGH such that EF=5cm, and HE=3cm, andF= 40°. Write the steps of construction.

Asked by Topperlearning User | 5th Feb, 2014, 11:15: AM

Expert Answer:

EFGH is a kite, so we have GF=EF=5cm and HG=HE=3cm.

Steps of Construction:

a)Draw EF =5cm.

b)At F, Draw angle XFE=40°.

c)With F as centre and radius equal to5cm, draw an arc to intersect FX  at point G.

d)With G as centre and radius 3cm draw an arc.

e)With E as center and radius 3cm, draw another arc which meets the arc of step(d) at point H.

f)Join HE and HG.

EFGH is the required kite.

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