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It is a strong speculation that life originated from inanimate matter, but there is no definite proof, since this process occured millions of years before.

The early earth is presumed to have provided all of the elements and chemicals needed for life to begin. The Miller-Urey experiments in the early 50’s showed that organic molecules could be formed by inorganic processes under primitive earth conditions. By discharging electric sparks in a large flask containing boiling water, methane, hydrogen and ammonia, conditions presumed to be similar to those of the early earth, they produced amino acids and other organic molecules experimentally. Using variations of their technique, most of the major building blocks of life have been produced: amino acids, sugars, nucleic acid bases and lipids. The early ocean could have become the thin "organic soup" proposed independently many years earlier by Alexander Oparin and J. B. S. Haldane as the starting place for life.


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