Asked by rishikaarulraj2421 | 7th Oct, 2020, 11:25: AM

Expert Answer:

In common language, heat and temperatue may be used interchangeably but in physics, both are completely different quantities. 
We cannot say similarities between heat and temperature but both are related to eachother as follows: - 
i) Heat transfer takes place due to temperature difference: - 
It means that, when the objects are in contact with each other the heat transfer takes place from hot object to cold object. Which means if the objects have temperature difference then only the heat transfer will take place. If both objects are at same temperature then the heat transfer will not take place. 
ii) If heat supplied to the system (or say object) then the temperature of that particular object will increase. 
If the heat supplied to object is less, then the temperature of the object will decrease. 
Hope, this clears your doubt and make you understand that heat and temperature are different quantities but are related to each other. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 7th Oct, 2020, 12:05: PM