doppler effect

Asked by Venkat phy lect | 13th Dec, 2013, 07:47: PM

Expert Answer:

Whenever a source of wave is moving (or receiver is moving) the frequency observed is different from that of original value, this effect is called Doppler effect.
The Doppler effect causes the received frequency of a source (how it is perceived when it gets to its destination) to differ from the sent frequency if there is motion that is increasing or decreasing the distance between the source and the receiver. This effect is readily observable as variation in the pitch of sound between a moving source and a stationary observer.
The Doppler effect also affects the light emitted by other bodies in space. If a body in space is "blue shifted," its light waves are compacted and it is coming towards us. If it is "red shifted" the light waves are spread apart, and it is traveling away from us.

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 14th Dec, 2013, 11:23: PM

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