does superconductor posses magnetic properties? if yes how??

Asked by Subhom | 25th Dec, 2015, 10:16: AM

Expert Answer:

Superconductors possess interesting magnetic properties. The Meissner effect is the ejection of a magnetic field from the interior of the superconductor when the superconductor is cooled below the superconductor’s critical temperature. They are Type I superconductor. Type II superconductors show two critical magnetic field values, one at the onset of a mixed superconducting and normal state and one where superconductivity ceases.

Note:The concept of Type I and Type II superconductor is beyond the scope of understanding of grade 10. This subject can be encountered only in graduate studies.
       However, if you are keen there are many sites online that can give you information regarding the same.

Answered by Priyanka Kumbhar | 28th Dec, 2015, 01:20: PM