Does inductor play any role in surge protector,if yes. How? and why?

Asked by harpreetsandhu | 16th May, 2011, 08:40: PM

Expert Answer:

Yes, inductor plays a role in the series mode surge protector.
SM suppressors are primarily used to control transient voltage spikes on electrical power feeds to protected devices. They are essentially heavy-duty low-pass filters connected so that they allow 50/60 Hz line voltages through to the load, while blocking and diverting higher frequencies. This type of suppressor differs from others by using banks of inductors, capacitors and resistors that shunt voltage spikes to the neutral wire, whereas other designs shunt to the ground wire.Since US electrical code requires bonding of ground to neutral at the electrical service entrance, the resulting surge ultimately flows into ground at that connection, but by first dumping into neutral, nearby ground contamination is avoided. Since the inductor in series with the circuit path slows the current spike, the peak surge energy is spread out in the time domain and harmlessly diverted into the capacitor bank

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